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A Fancy Air Filter vs. a UVC Air Purifier: Pros & Cons

Learn about the pros and cons of using a fancy air filter versus a UVC air purifier in this comparison from the home comfort pros at Lee’s Summit Heating and Cooling. We’ll walk you through the effectiveness of both options, their installation and maintenance, and their cost considerations.

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Furnace Filters & You: What You Need to Know (& When to Change Them)

Lee’s Summit Heating & Cooling provides HVAC service and essential info for homeowners in Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs, MO. Learn from our team about when to change your furnace filters and why they’re vital for ensuring proper air quality in your home.

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10 Signs Your Furnace Is On Its Way Out

From the color of your pilot light to the smells in your home, this list of warning signs can help you identify when your furnace is on its way out and needs to be replaced. Avoid breakdowns and potential emergencies by taking action fast and calling Lee’s Summit Heating and Cooling when you need help.

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Does Your Home Need Multi-Zone Heating?

Furnaces are essential for staying comfortable during Missouri’s winters, but using your furnace to heat your entire home evenly isn’t always practical. It can feel as though you’re wasting energy by turning the furnace on when you’re the only one home—or you might want to adjust the temperature in specific […]

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Natural Gas vs. Electric Furnaces: Which is Best for Missouri?

Lee’s Summit Heating & Cooling has installed and serviced furnaces all over Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs—let our team of home heating experts break down the differences between natural gas and electric furnaces so you can make an informed decision about your next model.

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Central Air vs. Ductless Mini Splits: Which Is Best for Your Home?

Ultimately, choosing central air vs. ductless mini splits for your home in Lee’s Summit or Blue Springs comes down to your available space, ductwork, budget, and capacity to perform or pay for maintenance. Use this information to get a better idea of your needs—then contact our team for a professional recommendation on a system that will cool your home efficiently.

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Air Conditioning Mythbusting: 10 Myths About AC Homeowners Should Stop Believing

Air conditioning is common technology, but you’d be surprised how many people still buy into myths and misconceptions about it. In fact, you might even believe one or two things yourself that aren’t strictly true about the way your AC operates—and that could be costing you money every month on […]

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The 2023 Missouri Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide

Owning an air conditioner is practically a must if you want to experience Missouri’s hot midwestern summers in comfort—but if you don’t have one yet (or if you need to replace an old model), you’ll need to learn about what current air conditioners can offer. Fortunately, you’re in the right […]

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